A homeless man gave me that hat.

Farnosh is a woman obsessed. Her life and times are lived vagrant without utter disregard of those around her. Her spelling is sub par and her dress is quite unrelenting. Her dark tresses have encountered every color in the spectrum other than gold and silver, which she explains is due to her hatred for the sun and fear of resembling the Bride of Frankenstein. She spends months on end researching subjects that in no way would benefit her life except for idle conversation (i.e. Mowgli Syndrome, Synesthesia, Beastiality, Chastity Belts, Seating Orders in the Court of France, Polygamy, and the Treeman from Indonesia). She considers her best assets to be the windows to her soul and her loud and opinionated yet loveable personality. She is a connoisseur of soup and a master of sushi. She resides in Orange County, CA with her loving parents and Pepsi-obsessed older sister. You are likely to find her improving her typing skills or on a highway of information. On the by and by, she fucking rocks at movie trivia, too.


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